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  Module 1

  1. come from来自

  be from 来自

  2. Nice to meet you. 很高兴见到你

  3. practice speaking English


  4. Class One 一班

  5. write on the blackboard


  6. mily name 姓

  given name 名

  Module 2

  1. play football 踢足球

  2. play basketball 打篮球

  3. play table tennis 打乒乓球

  4. play tennis 打网球

  5. play the piano弹钢琴

  6. ride a horse 骑马

  7. ride a bike 骑自行车

  8. drive a car 开车

  9. welcome…to…欢迎到…

  10. a photo of Miss Li 的照片

  11. at Beijing International school


  12. in a university 在大学

  13. in Beijing 在

  14. work in the hospital 在医院工作

  15. ill in hospital 生病住院

  Module 3

  1. next to 在…隔壁

  2. in front of 在…前面

  3. in the front of在…内部的前面

  4. behind 在…后面

  5. in a building在一个建筑物里

  Module 4

  1. have / has got 有

  2. thank you for doing sth/sth 谢谢…

  3. thanks for doing sth/sth 谢谢…

  Module 5

  1. a lesson in good health


  2. in good health 健康

  3. to be healthy 为了健康

  Module 6

  1. go to the cinema 去看电影

  2. go to a football match 去看足球赛

  3. see a film / see films 看电影

  4. my vourite film star


  5. in the morning / afternoon / evening


  6. a great idea/an idea一个(好)主意

  7. invite Tony to the cinema


  8. be on 上演

  9. on Monday / Tuesday …


  10. at/in the hotel 在酒店

  11. at/in the stadium 在体育馆

  12. at the theatre 在剧院

  13. best wishes 最良好的祝愿

  14. have classes / lessons 上课

  15. stay at home 呆在家里

  16. do one’s homework 业

  17. go to the park 去公园

  Module 7

  1. have Chinese 上语文课

  2. have an English lesson 上英语课

  3. What are your lessons today?


  4. at eight o’clock 在八点

  5. at half past ten 在十点半

  6. talk about one’s homework


  7. What about you?


  8. get up 起床

  9.have breakst / lunch / dinner


  10. in the dining hall 在餐厅

  11. go to school 上学

  12. go to bed 睡觉

  13. have a break 休息

  14. talk with/to my friends


  15. have meat and rice 吃肉和米饭

  16. go home 回家 get home到家

  17. finish school 放学

  18. study science / maths


  Module 8

  1. send him a card 送他一张卡片

  =send a card to him

  2. make him a cake 做一个蛋糕给他

  =make a cake for him

  3. give her a game 送一个游戏给她

  =give a game to her

  4. have a birthday party 举行生日晚会

  5. listen to music听音乐

  6. watch football 看足球比赛

  =watch a football match

  7. go to one’s party 去某人的晚会

  8. a lot of/lots of 大量,很多

  9. go to concerts 去听音乐会

  10. in / from the USA在/来自美国

  11. on television 通过电视

  12. CDs by Twins Twins的CD

  13. a box of chocolates 一盒巧克力

  14. a pair of trainers 一双软运动鞋

  15. a pair of jeans 一条牛仔裤

  16. in one’s home 在某人的家里

  17. at home 在家

  18. at once=right away 马上,立即

  19. give flowers as presents


  Module 9

  1. Welcome to Beijing Zoo


  2. sixteen thousand 一万六千

  3. in / from the Arctic 在/来自北极

  4. There she is. 她在那里。

  5. In the Arctic在北极

  6. in Europe / Africa / Asia 在欧洲/非洲/亚洲

  7. be European / African / Asian



  8. European wolves欧洲的狼

  9. African monkeys 非洲的猴子

  10. in the wild 在野外

  11. in the forest 在森林

  12. in the jungle 在热带雨林

  13. in the desert 在沙漠

  14. in (the) grassland 在草原

  15. around the world 全世界,世界各地

  =all around the world

  =all over the world

  16. 15 kilos of bamboo 15公斤竹子

  17. stay healthy 保持健康

  Module 10

  1. switch on the computer 开电脑

  2. open a new document打开新文档

  3. write a name for the document


  4. download music from the Internet


  5. go online 上网

  6. make travel plans 做旅游计划

  7. on the Internet 在互联网上

  8. at the weekend 周末

  9. visit a website 浏览网页,访问网站

  10. use my laptop for my lessons


  11. use the Internet to do their homework


  12. connect to the Internet


  13. connect the monitor to the computer


  14. save a document 保存文档

  15. print a document 打印文档

  16. check the timetable 核对时间表

  17. at work 在工作

  18. at school 在学校

  19. at home 在家

  20. at break 休息时


  Module One

  1. take photos 拍照

  take photos of … 拍。。。的照片

  2. wait for 等候

  3. have a good /nice/great time

  enjoy oneself过得愉快玩得很开心

  4. a lot / very much非常

  5. put on 穿上 / wear 穿着

  take off 脱下

  6. at home 在家

  7.at the moment 现在此时

  at that moment / time 在那时

  8. look at 看…

  listen to 听…/hear 听见

  9. see you later/tomorrow/soon 再见

  10. good night 晚安

  11. get dressed 穿衣

  12. in the sun在阳光下

  13. on a trip在旅行中

  14. have a drink 喝。。。

  have afternoon tea 喝下午茶

  15. talk to 和某人谈话

  16. Thank you / Thanks for…


  Module Two

  1. get ready for 为…准备好

  2. What’s happening ? 发生什么事?

  3. write down 写下

  4. cook the meal 做饭

  5. make lanterns 做灯笼

  6. sweep away 扫去

  7. have a haircut 理发

  8. go shopping 去买东西

  9. at work 在工作

  11.at midnight 在半夜

  12. a few + 可数名词 一些

  some +可数或不可数名词

  13. all the year round 一年到头

  14. a kind of 一种

  15. lots of / a lot of…许多

  16. good luck 好运

  bad luck 坏运,倒霉

  17. be interested in对。。。感兴趣

  18. the Spring Festival 春节

  Module Three

  1 .at the weekend 在周末

  2.have a piano lesson 上钢琴课

  3.buy some clothes 买衣服

  4.listen to the music 听音乐

  5.stay in bed 呆在床上

  6.revise for my test 复习考试

  7.get up early 早起床

  8.check the email 查邮件

  9.do one’s homework 做家庭作业

  10.have a picnic 吃野餐

  11.go to a party 去参加晚会

  12. look forward to doing 期待

  13. take the plane/by plane 乘飞机

  14.do some sightseeing/ go sightseeing 旅游去观光

  15. walk up 沿……走 登上

  16. make friends 交朋友

  17. enjoy the sun and the sea


  18. lie on the beach 躺在沙滩上

  19. travel around the world 周游世界

  20. get (from…)to(从……)到达……

  21. on Saturday afternoon 在周六下午

  22. would like to do / want to do


  Module Four

  1. in the future 未来

  2. get warm 变暖

  3. heavy rain 大雨

  4. send ..to…by email 通过邮件发送

  5. strong winds 大风

  6. use …to do 用……做某事

  7. do heavy work 做重活

  8. three days a week 一周三天

  9. care for/look after/take care of 照顾

  10. I’m not sure./ I don’t know


  11. have long holidays 过长假

  Module Five

  1. answer the question 回答问题

  2. What’s the population of…?


  3. in the east/west/south/north of…


  4. the capital of… 。的首都或省会

  5. on the River Thames 在泰晤士河畔

  6. be mous for 因。。。而闻名

  7. bigger /newer than…比。。。大/新

  8. an older city 一个更古老的城市

  9.36 meters long 36 米长

  10. 1000 meters high 1000米高

  11. on the coast 在海岸

  12. What’s the weather like …?

  How’s the weather …?


  Module Six

  1. be good at sth / doing sth…擅长

  2. more than / over多于

  3. leave for 前往某处

  4. It’s difficult to do sth.做某事很困难。

  5. take sb around 领某人四处参观

  6. work hard 努力学习

  7. like doing sth 喜欢做某事

  8. more exciting / boring / tiring / dangerous…than…


  9. speak to sb … 和某人说话

  10. do some sightseeing 观光

  11. better than…. 比。。。更好

  Module Seven

  1. get to school 到达学校

  2. r from 远离

  3. by bicycle 骑单车

  4. by subway/ferry 乘地铁/渡船

  5.. by taxi 打的

  6.. be close to 靠近…..

  7. take the train乘火车

  8. nine and a half hours/

  nine hours and a half 九个半小时

  9. millions of 数以百万计的

  10.the most comfortable / uncomfortable way 最(不)舒服的方式

  11. live rthest from…住的离。。。最远

  12. take about 30 minutes 花大约30分

  13. at the bus stop 在公共汽车站

  14. travel to …到某地

  Module Eight

  1. be born 出生于

  2. primary school 小学

  3. the name of your first school


  4. go back 回去

  5. be strict with sb. 对某人严格要求

  6. be friendly to sb. 对某人友好

  7. on the wall 在墙上

  8. what about+ doing…? 怎么样…?

  9. what’s…like? …..怎么样

  … naughty / well behaved…(第9句的回答)

  10. There were lots of things to do.


  11. a big garden with lots of trees


  Module Nine

  1. once upon a time/long long ago从前

  2. go for a ride 去乘(骑……)

  3. pick up 捡起

  pick apples 摘苹果

  pick sb up (用车)接上某人

  4. look around 向四周看

  5. change into 变成

  6. hurry up 赶快

  7. knock at/on 敲…

  8. look into 往…里看

  9. jump out of 跳离…

  10. point at 指向

  11. be asleep 睡着

  12. again and again 再三.反复…

  13. at first开始

  14. begin …with 以…开始

  15. decide to do sth.决定做某事

  16. enter the house 走进房子

  17. look back 向后看

  18.return to the forest 回到森林

  19. a girl called Betty


  Module Ten

  1. in English 用英语

  2. at the age of 在…岁时

  3. on holiday 度假.在假期

  4. go away走开离开

  6.start school 开始上学

  7.ride a bike to school骑单车上学

  8.listen to the radio听收音机

  9.watch movies 看电影

  10.on the beach 在沙滩上

  11.play chess下象棋

  12. decide to do决定做...

  13.finish school毕业

  14.have children有孩子

  15.move to 搬到...

  16. start doing开始做...

  17. one of the most mous writers


  18. many other languages


  Module Eleven

  1. What do you think of …?

  How do you like …?


  4.work on 从事

  5.from…to… 从… 到…

  6.It’s very difficult to do


  7.go through穿过

  8.go over越过

  9.a few days ago几天前

  10.return to返回

  11.be called被叫做

  12.a 38-year-old man


  13.the next day第二天

  14.11 years later11年后

  15.want to be想成为

  16.send…into 把。。。发送到。。。里

  17.on TV通过电视

  18.wave to挥手()

  19.join +团体 加入到。。。

  20. rest for three hours 休息三个小时

  Module Twelve

  1. on holiday 在度假

  2. have a great/good time 玩得开心

  3. on the same day 在同一天

  4. the next day 第二天

  5. say hello to. 问好

  6. do some shopping. 买东西,购物

  7. play with 和。。。一起玩

  8. go for a walk去散步

  9. go swimming 去游泳

  10. I hope you are well.


  11. come with me 跟我来

  12. come back to the hotel


  13.take a 交通工具 to …


  14. have dinner 吃晚饭

  15. meet a friend 见朋友

  16. read news 读

  17.go on holiday 去度假


  Module 1

  1、welcome back 欢迎回来

  2、write it down 写下来

  3、in class 在课堂上

  4、next to 紧邻着……

  5、what else? 还有什么

  6、listen to the radio 听收音机

  7、each other 彼此,互相

  8、help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事

  9、help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人做某事

  10、ask for 寻求

  11、the number of ……的数量

  12、take a deep breath 深呼吸

  13、make you shy 使你害羞

  14、all the time 一直

  15、Best wishes. 良好的祝愿。

  16、be good at 在……方面擅长

  17、make a list 列个清单

  18、the meaning of ……的意思

  19.advise sb. to do sth.某人做某事

  20、the best way to do sth.


  21、enjoy oneself 玩得愉快

  22、show sb. around 带领某人参观

  23、make friends 结交朋友

  24、think about 考虑

  25、think of 想出

  26、British accents 英国口音

  27、try to do sth. 尽力做……

  28、try not to do sth. 尽量不去做某事

  try doing sth尝试着做某事

  29、make mistakes 犯错误

  30、give sb some advice on sth


  31、It’s a good idea to do sth.


  32、How about doing sth?


  33、 Sb should do sth


  34、 Write email to each other:


  35、 meet sb: 接某人,和某人会面

  36、 send sb email messages


  37、 send…to发送…给

  38、 Language Doctor语言博士

  39、 improve English提高英语

  40、 basic questions主要问题

  41、 real English地道的英语

  42、 take a long time花费长时间

  43、 guess the meaning of the new words 猜生词含义

  44、 a foreign teacher一个外国教师

  45、 start a conversation开始对话

  46、 be shy害羞

  47、 place them in your bedroom


  48、 count the English words


  49、 get better变得更好

  50、 invite sb to do sth/a place


  51、 leave my homework at home



  1. travel around the world周游世界

  2. the price of…的价格

  3. today’s news今天的

  4. take off飞机起飞

  5. enter a competition参加竞赛

  6. on television在电视上

  7. in news在上

  8. come true成为现实

  9. invite sb to do邀请某人干某事

  10. dream about/of doing做某事

  11. all over China全中国

  12. try western food品尝西餐

  13. give concernt举办音乐会

  14. sell out卖光

  15. pick upsb/sth接上某人/捡起某物

  16. since then自从那时

  17. again and again一次又一次

  18. It sounds brilliant.听起来好极了

  19. live in another country


  Module 3

  1.What are you up to?


  2. Don’t panic.别紧张。

  3. on the radio通过收音机

  4. on TV通过电视

  5. hear about听说

  6. there and back往返

  7. show sth to sb/show sb sth


  8. on businiss在出差

  9. in space在太空

  10. a part of一部分

  11. at night在晚上

  12. in the last there years


  13. finish doing sth完成做某事

  14. as good as和…一样好

  15. ask sb for sth向某人寻求某物

  16. be sure确信

  17. so r到目前为止

  18. expect to do sth期望做某事

  19. take off起飞,脱下衣服


  1. get on/along well with


  2. have/has gone to去了某地

  have/has been to 去过某地

  3. in ct事实上

  4. be different from 与…不同

  5. all over China 全中国

  6. arrive in Beijing 到达

  7. talk about 谈论关于。。。

  8. drop out of school

  9. on the rm在农场

  10. have to 必须,不得不

  11. look after 照顾

  12. with the help of 在。。。的帮助下

  13. in the last fifteen years

  在最后的15 年里

  14. raise money 筹钱

  15. pay for 为。。。付钱

  16. lots of 许多。。。

  17. hear of 听说

  18. thousands of 数以千计的。。。

  19. write letters to 写信给。。。

  20. each other 互相

  21. come back 回来

  22. around the world 全世界

  23. because of因为,由于

  24. Its...to do sth.干。。。怎么样

  25. Ive been to Gansu. 我去过甘肃

  26. They are very diffient from us.


  27. How long have you lived here?


  28. Ive studied English for 6 years since 2001.自从2001年我学英语6年

  29. Project Hope has built schools and trained teachers.


  Module 5

  1. classical music/pop music/rock music


  2. the capital of Austria 首都

  3. hear of 听说

  4. be not sure 不清楚

  5. on earth 究竟

  6. a n of 。。。的迷

  7. make sb./sth. +adj. 使某人/某物。。。

  make him mous 使他出名

  8. all over Europe 全欧洲

  9. more than/over 超过

  10. not only…but also 不但…而且…

  11. give concert 举行音乐会

  12. at the age of 在。。。岁时

  13. hundreds of 数以百计的。。。

  14. play the piano 弹钢琴

  15.a beautiful old city


  Module 6

  1. send sth. to sb./send sb sth


  2. go on 继续

  3. by the river 在河边

  4. have a tea party 举行茶宴

  5. on the grass 在草上

  6. in the tree (指外来物)在树上

  on the tree (指水果等)在树上

  7. smile at 朝。。。笑

  7. ll down 下来

  8. get/be tired 劳累

  9. have nothing to do 无事可做

  10. think of/about 认为

  11. something strange 奇怪的东西

  12. be late for.. …迟到

  13. take…out of 把。。。从。。。拿出来

  14. run across the field 穿过田野

  15. see sb./sth. do sth. 看见。。。干。。。

  16. go off 熄灭

  17. How is it going ?口语中询问对方生活工作中有什么新进展


  1. look pretty/ taste salty /feel tight/ smell sour/ sound noisy系表结构

  2. so much food如此多的食物

  3. make cookies做小甜饼

  4. have a look(at)看一看(某物)

  5. have something to eat


  6. get the food ready把食物准备好了

  7. silk shirts丝绸衬衣

  8. thanks for sth/doing sth


  9. hear from sb=receive a letter from sb收到某人的来信

  10. can’t wait to do sth.


  11. arrive at/in=reach=get to到达

  12. each other彼此

  13. as well也

  14. be proud of以…为自豪

  15. bad/good mark坏/好成绩

  16. a bit=a little=kind of有点

  17. help sb.do sth.帮助某人做某事

  18. have a try 来试试

  19. 19.introduce sb to sb


  20. be/get angry with…对某人生气

  21. be afraid of sth/doing sth



  1. swimming pool游泳池

  2. show sb.sth.=show sth to sb


  3. a map of…一幅地图

  4. on the left/right 在左边(右边)

  5. on the left/right of


  6. between…and……和…之间

  7. the way to…的道

  8. go across/through穿过

  9. turn left/right向左/右拐

  10. on the corner of在…的角落

  11. do some shopping=go shopping


  12. go along沿着…走

  13. next to紧挨着

  14. in the middle of在…的中间

  15. the National Gallery


  16. Go straight ahead.径直向前走

  17. go along/down/up + 街道/


  18. Turn left into Chang’an jie.


  Turn left/right into+街道/

  Turn left/right on+街道/

  Turn left/right at+小地点

  19. on a clear day在一个晴朗的日子

  20. the best way to最好的方式

  21. by boat/take the boat乘船

  22. get off下(车)

  23. go past经过

  24. go for a walk散步

  25. 问方式

  1). Excuse me, how do/can I get to the Forbidden City? How can I get (to)…?

  2). And where is the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall? Where is the…?

  3). And can you tell me the way to a park?

  4). Where can I do some shopping?

  5). Is there a(n)…?

  Module 9

  1.in danger 在中

  2.such as例如

  3. take away拿走

  4. one of the best-known animals


  5. find找到

  find out查明

  look for寻找

  6. enough + n.足够的(东西)

  adj. + enough足够…

  big enough足够大

  7.sb. need to do需要去做某事

  don’t/doesn’t need to do


  sth.need doing

  =sth.need to be done某事/物需要被做

  8. be excited to do干某事很兴奋

  be excited about sth.


  9. make sb/sth + adj.使某人(某物)…

  10. It is/was + adj./ n. + to do //

  To do sth is/was + adj/n.


  11. if possible如果可能的话

  12. in peace 在和平之中

  13. It’s/That’s very nice/kind of you to do sth你真是太好了去做某事

  14. stop sb. doing sth某人做某事

  15. Let’s + do 让我们做某事吧

  16. at last最后

  17. live on以…为生

  live in住在…的地方

  18. for many different reasons


  19. less and less越来越少

  20. for example例如

  21. look after照顾 look at看

  look for寻找

  look over医生检查身体

  look up查字典

  22. the cause of…的原因

  Module 10

  1. as you know据你所知

  2. .no idea/not sure不知道

  3. take place发生

  4. say goodbye to 向。。告别

  5. be named …被命名为。。。

  6. ll in love with与某人相爱

  7. be full of/be filled with… 装满了…

  8. want (sb) to do sth.想让某人做某事

  9. would like (sb) to do sth

  10. offer to do 提议做某事

  11. agree to do 同意做某事

  agree with sb 同意某人

  agree on sth 同意某事

  12. decide to do 决定做某事

  13. plan to do 计划做某事

  14. be mous for 以。。。为著名

  be mous as …作为。。。而著名

  15. have a good/great/nice time


  16. show sb. sth = show sth.to sb


  17. send sb sth = send sth to sb


  18. learn to do 学会干某事

  19. teach sb sth = teach sth to sb


  20. between … and …


  21. one of + 最高级 + n(pl)最…的之一

  22. the twentieth century第二十世纪

  23. bring sb sth = bring sth to sb


  24. give a wonderful/warm welcome to sb热烈欢迎某人

  25. in the end最后

  at the end of在…的结束(末尾)

  Module 11

  1.What will the weather be like…?

  How will the weather be…?


  2.at the moment此刻

  3 be off to离开去某地

  4.all (the) year全年

  5.When is the best time to visit…?


  6.had better最好做某事

  7. freezing cold寒冷刺骨的

  8. There may/might be + n.也许有某物

  It may/might be + adj.也许是…

  9. You must be joking


  10. better get going 最好现在去(走)

  11. from time to time有时

  12. in summer and ll在夏天和秋天

  13. compared to many other places


  14. any time任何时候

  15. take photos of拍…的照片

  16. the best time to do sth


  17. in the east/north/west在东边(西北)

  18. It’s possible to do做某事是可能的

  It’s possible that…

  19. It will probably + v.将有可能做某事

  20. 主语 + 比较级 + than any other + n(单数)比任何一个都…=主语+最高级。。。

  21. 主语 + 比较级 +than the other + n(pl)

  22. best of all最好的

  23. the rest of…剩余的

  Module 12

  1. be different from与…不同

  2. do some cleaning打扫卫生

  3. on time按时

  4. wash up洗(餐具)

  5. get married 结婚

  marry sb.嫁(娶)某人

  be married to sb和某人结婚

  6. hang on等等

  7. accept a present接受礼物

  8. wrap sth in red 用红纸包某物

  11. get a move on快些,加紧

  12 on the first day of在第一天

  13.good/bad luck好(坏)运气

  14. cut your hair理发

  15. shake hands with sb和某人握手

  16. speak to sb对某人说

  17. speak + English/Chinese说英语

  18. a light meal少量的一餐饭

  19. go to a wedding去参加婚礼

  20. take off shoes脱鞋

  21. break anything打破东西


  Module 1

  1. tidy up the table 桌子

  2. have a collections of …收集…

  3. all the time 一直,总是

  4. make sb so interested in music


  5. give an interview on


  6. a bit/little untidy


  7. take up 占用

  8. mountain biking


  9. grow vegetables 种菜

  10. develop your interests


  11. during +时间段 在…期间

  12. spend +时间/钱 on sth


  spend …(in)doing sth


  13. write about… 写关于…

  14. senior high school 高中

  15. such as 比如

  16. come out 出版

  17. try(not ) to do


  18. as a result 结果

  19. ask sb (not) to do..


  Module 2

  1. hold the line


  2. right now 现在

  3. whether…or not 是否

  4. in ct 事实上

  5. close friends 亲近的朋友

  6. a couple of 几个

  7. by the way 顺便问,顺便说

  8. good luck with…祝…好运

  9. r away 遥远

  10. be afraid to do sth


  11. worry about

  be worried about 担心…

  12. sit at my desk


  13. as usual 向平常一样

  14. turn back 转身

  15. become closer to…


  16. smile at… 朝…笑

  17. It doesn’t matter.


  18. make friends with…


  19. at that moment/time 在那时

  20. day by day 一天一天的

  21. at first 开始

  at last 最后

  Module 3

  1. would like to do


  2. Don’t mention it.


  3. show sb around


  4. look out for 小心…

  5. come this way 来这边

  6. the latest new


  7. keep doing 做某事

  8. win the match


  lose the match 输了比赛

  9. hate doing 讨厌做某事

  10. look down at… 向下看…

  11. remember doing


  remember to do


  12. ask for 要…

  13. once a week 一周一次

  14. close down 停止播音,关闭

  15. look out of…向…外看

  16. come with me 跟我来

  17. begin …with… 以…开始…

  18. stop doing 停止做某事

  stop to do 停下来做某事

  19. enjoy doing 喜欢做某事

  20. score three goals


  Module 4

  1. lend sb sth=lend sth to sb


  borrow sth from sb


  2. turn on 打开

  turn off 关闭

  turn up 开大/高一点

  turn down 关小/低一点

  3. play back (录音等) 回放

  4. come on (灯)亮

  5. by email 通过邮件

  6. connect …to …


  7. video camera 机

  8. take a photo with…用…拍照

  take a photo of …拍…的照片

  9. the surpring advice


  10. pick up 捡起… pick+水果 摘…

  11. bite sb on the hand


  12. climb out of 爬出…

  13. land in…落在…里

  14. stay cool 保持凉爽

  15. save one’s life


  Module 5

  1. be able to 能,会

  2. all together 一起

  3. at the end of… 在…结束时

  4. rather you than me.


  5. beat sb 打败某人

  6. warn sb about sth


  warn sb not to do sth


  7. That’s a shame.

  / What a shame.


  8. be proud of …以…为骄傲

  9. send sb away 把某人送走

  10. refuse to do 做某事

  11. be out 外出

  12. go wrong 出毛病

  13. make a mistak/ make mistakes


  14. at least 至少

  15. pocket money 零用钱

  16. after all 不管怎样,毕竟

  17. help sb with sth

  help sb (to) do sth


  18. hurry up赶快

  19. instead of 代替

  20. feel sorry for sb


  21. get into trouble 陷入困境

  Module 6

  1. take place 发生 (同义:happen )

  2. stay in bed 卧床

  3. clap one’s hands 拍手

  4. play a piece of Irish music


  5. at this time of day / night/ year


  6. worry about sth./ doing sth.

  担心某事,担心做某事… (表动作)

  sth worry sb 某事使某人感到担忧

  ( be worried about …. 表状态)

  7. be awake 醒着的

  反义: be asleep/ ll asleep


  { 比较: wake (up) 醒来; 叫醒

  sleep 睡觉

  be sleepy 困乏的 }

  8.cheer (sb) up


  9. plenty of… 大量, 许多


  同义: a lot of…/ lots of…


  many (+可数名词) ,


  10. look after…(well)


  同义: take ( good ) care of…

  11. the reason for… …的原因

  12. be mous for+特产/景点


  13. be mous as+身份/职业/头衔…


  14.be popular with(among) sb…


  15. act well in the film


  16. ce to ce 面对面,

  come ce to ce with sth /sb


  17.look dangerous 看起来很

  18.. in one’s opinion 在某人看来,


  19.. advise sb. to do sth.


  20. come out 上映,出版,开花

  21. look for… 寻找…

  22. stay together 呆在一起

  23. be pleased with sth.对…满意

  be pleased to do sth.很高兴做某事

  24.make their characters believable


  25.sail around绕…航行

  26.true to life反映真实生活的,


  27.except for除…之外



  besides 除去,包括在内

  Module 7

  1.climb up to … 爬到…上去

  2.more than… 多于…, 超过…

  (反义: less than… 少于…)

  3.the rest of… 剩余的…(+不可数)

  e.g. the rest of her life 她的余生

  the rest of his money 他剩余的钱

  4.. suggest doing sth. 做某事

  (同义: advise sb. to do sth.)

  5. hardly 几乎不

  反义: almost 与nearly 几乎

  6. 辨析cross与 across


  cross 是动词(v.) ,


  cross the bridge

  = go across the bridge

  cross the river

  = swim across the river

  7.get better 好起来 (尤指身体)

  8.. make plans to do sth.


  ( 同义: plan to do sth.)

  9. protect the environment

  10.walk around…绕…走

  11.the whole park整个公园

  12.. shout at sb.


  13. get (from...) to…


  14. hurt oneself 伤了某人自己

  15. get dressed 穿衣服

  (反义: get undressed 脱掉衣服)

  16.have… off 不工作, 休息

  17. make phone calls to sb.

  ( = ring sb up )


  18. square 平方; 正方形; 广场

  square kilometer 平方公里

  19. look like… 看起来像…

  20. camp by a small lake


  21. as if… 好像…

  22. wake (sb) up vt. 某人

  vi. 醒来

  23. take a cable car 乘坐缆车

  辨析take a bus /

  take a car /

  take a plane

  与by bus / by car / by plane

  24. hope 希望

  1) hope for +名词 盼望,希望

  2) hope to do sth. 希望做某事

  (注意没有hope sb to do sth.的结构。)

  3) hope (that)…+从句

  25. wish 希望

  wish sb to do sth希望某人做某事

  26. be happy with… 对…满意

  (同义: be pleased with…)

  27. during her visit 在她参观期间

  28. climb over rocks 攀爬岩石

  29. on top of… 在…的上方

  30.put up / set up / pitch a tent

  搭帐篷, 扎营

  31. It was raining hard/heavily.


  32. put sth away =put away sth


  33. believe in sth/sb/doing sth


  34. on the one hand 一方面

  on the other hand 另一方面

  35.jump up into…跳起来进入…

  36.go back into进入

  37.through the clouds穿过云层



  38.the second largest fresh water lake




  Module 8

  1.a public holiday 公共假期

  take a vacation 过假期, 度假

  2.on that day 在那天

  3.most of+ 代/ the名…


  4. have/take a day off


  5.stay with和…呆在一起

  6.Labour Day劳动节

  7.something special


  8.go camping去露营


  go swimming, go skating,

  go fishing, go boating,

  go sightseeing, go cycling

  9.in the countryside / country 在乡村

  (反义: in town 在城镇 )

  10.the holiday/vacation season


  11..make plans for…


  12..be close to 离…近

  13. the closest Monday to May 1st


  14.get warmer/cooler/better/worse


  15.as soon as… 一…就…

  (引导时间状语从句, 也遵循主祈从现、

  主将从现或主情从现 )

  16.(日期的写法) 1st January

  January 1st

  (日期的读法) the first of January

  January the first

  17.be busy doing sth. /

  be busy with sth.


  17.the start/beginning of… …的开始

  (反义: ending n. 结尾, 结局)

  18.not all 不是所有的 (部分否定)

  区别于none (全否定)

  20. in the same way 用同样的方式.

  on the same date/day 在同一天

  . at the same time 同时

  20.depend on sth/doing sth… 依靠…

  (: independent adj. 的

  independence n. )

  21.sing traditional songs 唱传统歌曲

  23. shout to sb (loudly)

  对某人(大声)喊 (没有情绪)

  shout at sb.

  对某吼大叫 (有情绪)

  24. Out with the old year and in with the new!


  25. get together 聚在一起

  26.write down sth. 记下…, 写下…

  27.a list of… 一列…

  e.g. a list of names 名单

  make a/one’s list 列个单子

  make a shopping list列个购物单

  28. help (sb) out


  29.promise to do sth.

  做某事, 做某事

  30.. say goodbye/hello/sorry to sb.


  31.. be lazy with the school work


  32.start doing=start to do


  33.wait forsb./sth.等待…

  34.have fun doing sth.


  35.enjoy oneself

  =have a good time


  36.on New Year’s Day在新年

  37.make resolutions for…


  38.follow one’s resolutions


  Module 9

  1. look forward to sth./doing sth.

  盼望… 期望…

  2. don’t/won’t have to do sth.

  = needn’t do sth. 不必做某事

  3. on one’s own

  地, 单独地, 独自地

  4. ( = alone / by oneself )

  5. right now = at the moment

  6. 现在, 此刻

  7. right away = at once

  立刻, 马上

  8.just now = a moment ago 刚才

  9.make excuses 找借口

  10. the thought in my head 我脑中的想法

  11. imagine doing sth. 想象做某事

  12. not bad for… 对…来讲不错

  13. come up 出现, 发生

  14. get back to some place


  15. What happened (to sb)?


  16. join the army 参军

  17. give one’s life to sth/doing sth.


  18.take medicine 吃药

  19. local government 当地

  20.operate a machine开机器

  operate a ctory经营工厂

  operate on sb. 对某人做手术

  operating theatre 手术室

  peration n.操作,运转

  perform operations 实施手术

  21. in spite of sth./doing sth.

  ( = despite sth./doing sth. )


  22.in the end 最后

  ( 同义: finally, at last )

  23.at the end of… 在…的末尾,


  24. continue doing sth./to do sth.


  25.outside hospitals 在医院外面

  inside hospitals在医院里面

  26. feel ill/bad 感觉病了

  feel well感觉(身体)好

  27.. save one’s life/lives


  28. billions of…数以亿计的…

  thousands of…成千上万的

  hundreds of….成百上千的…

  29. stop/prevent sb. (from) doing sth.




  31. look up… 查阅…

  32. return to some place 返回到某地

  33.one of China’s most mous heroes


  (one of+形容词最高级+名词复数


  34.be good at…=do well in…


  be good for…对…有好处

  be bad for…对…有害处

  be good to对…好

  be bad to 对…不好

  Module 10

  1. It’s time (for sb) to do sth.


  = It’s time for sth.

  2.see sb. off 给某人送行

  3. meet sb.=pick up sb 接某人

  4.take sb. to some place


  5.. board the plane/train/ship


  6.get something to eat/drink


  7.during the flight 在飞行期间

  8. “would + 动词原形”


  9. take the train to Paris

  = go to Paris by train 乘火车去巴黎

  10. outdoor adj. 室外的

  outdoor life 野外生活

  outdoors adv.

  indoor adj. 室内的

  indoor sports 室内运动

  indoors adv.

  11.Something is/goes wrong with sth


  12. It takes sb. some time to do sth.


  13.daily routine 日常习惯

  14. go (away) on business 出差

  15. as + adj./adv.(原级) + as…


  16. Practice makes perfect.


  17.know little about sth.


  18. fill sth. with sth.


  be full of… 充满…

  19. the basic life skills


  20. I don’t think …


  21. go to college 上大学

  23.not …at all 一点也不

  24take off 起飞 land 着陆

  25.be made of… 由…制成的

  26.manage a ctory经营一家工厂

  he managed not to get angry.




  1. have a meeting开会

  2. listen up 注意听

  3. get out of 从……内出来; 离开 4. reply to sth./sb. 答复某事/某人

  5. on the edge of 处于……的边缘

  6. at the bottom of 在……的底部

  7. write down 写下,记下

  8. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人某事 9. do some reviews about…


  10. do an interview with sb.


  11. How/What about sth./sb./ doing sth.某人/某物/做某事怎么样?

  12.a boy called Tom 一个名叫

  13.suggest doing sth.做某事

  14. go through 走过,穿过

  15.in front of 在……的前面

  in the front of 在……的前部

  16. in five minutes

  五分钟后, 在五分钟内

  17. look down 往下看,俯视

  look across 眺望

  18. arrive at/in 到达

  19. ster and ster越来越快

  20. be afraid of 害怕……

  21. more and more people 越来越多人 22.in the future 在将来

  23. all kinds of 各种各样

  24. look forward to doing sth.


  25. thousands of 成千上万的

  26. as…as possible/ one can


  27. be able to do sth. 能/.会做某事

  28. because of +名/代/动名词



  1.as r as 就……来说,至于

  2. not …any more 不再……

  3.millions of 数百万的

  4. run away 逃跑;潜逃

  5. for a time 暂时,一度

  6. grow up 成长,长大

  7. talk about 谈论

  8. think about 考虑

  9. sound like 听起来像……

  10. look for 寻找

  11. be known as… 作为…而闻名/知名

  be known/mous for


  12. at the end of 在……末尾/尽头

  13. get lost 迷

  14.be surprised to do sth.


  be surprised at sth.


  to one’s surprise


  15. be pleased to do sth.


  be pleased with sth./sb


  16.be/have to do with sb./sth.


  17. all over the world 全世界

  18. in the 19th century 在19世纪

  19. try to do sth.


  20. prefer to do sth. 更喜欢做某事

  prefer sth./doing sth. to sth./doing sth.


  prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. 宁可做某事也不要做某事

  21. in ct 事实上

  22. something else 别的一些东西


  1.allow sb. to do sth.


  2. stand for 代表,象征

  3. encourage sb. to do sth.


  4. set up 建立,创立(公司,机构等)

  5. first of all 首先

  6. have no chance to do sth.


  7. so …that 如此……以致

  8. get to sb. 让某人感到烦恼

  9.be mad with sb. 生某人的气

  10. invite sb. to do sth/某地


  11. make sure 确信,确保,务必 12. compare…to 把……比作……

  compare…with… 把……与…相比

  13. find out 找出,弄清楚,查出 14. take up 占据,占用(时间,空间等)

  15. advise sb to do sth.


  16. ten-year –old 十岁大的

  a ten-year –old boy


  17. less than 不到,少于

  more than 超过,多于

  18. It’s +形+(for sb.) +to do sth. 做某事(对某人来说)是……

  19. be well known…闻名于…

  20. an overnight success一夜成名

  21. go for more medals



  1.ask a vour( of sb.)


  2.at the age of


  3.see to 负责,注意

  4. look through 浏览

  5. at a time 一次

  6. at the beginning of


  7. rather than 而不是

  8. one day 某天

  9. would like to do sth.

  /feel like doing sth.


  10. take photos 拍照片

  11. from now on 从现在起

  from then on 从那时起

  12. be used for sth./doing sth.

  \be used to do sth. 被用来做某事

  be/get used to doing sth.


  be used as 被用作……

  13.a couple of months 几个月

  14. turn off 关掉

  turm on 打开

  turn up 调高(音量)

  turn down 调低

  15. lend sth. to sb.借某物给某人

  borrow sth. from sb.


  16. look after/ take care of 关心

  17. leave sth. in/ at+地方


  18. on one’s way to


  19. go to sleep 去睡觉

  20. be made of 由……制成/构成 (制出的成品能看出原材料)

  be made from 由……制成/构成(制出的成品不能看出原材料)

  be made in +地方 在某地制造 be made by +执行者 由某人制造

  21. in the 19th century 在十九世纪 22. as a result 结果是

  23. in a way 在某种程度上/意义上 24. so that 以便,以致

  25. It is said that… 据说

  Module 5

  1. pay attention to


  2. as well 也

  3. work out 设法弄懂,计算出

  4. try out 试图,试验,

  5. above all 首先 ,更重要的是

  6. drop in 顺便走访

  7. as……as 同……一样

  8. Hang on a minute. 等一下

  9. go off on one’sown

  =leave on one’s own 单独离开

  10. kind of 有点儿

  11. hurry up 赶快

  12. be miliar to sb.


  13. do experiments 做实验

  14. be different from 与……不同

  15. learn about 了解

  16. (人) fill…with…


  (物)be filled with /be full of


  17. st enough 足够快

  18. as well as 除……之外还有/并且,不但,而且/已及

  19. as long as 只要

  20.from…to… 从……到

  21.in the southeast of


  22. No entry. 不许进入

  23. go downstairs下楼

  go upstairs to…上楼到…

  24. No wonder…难怪…


  1. throw away 扔掉,抛掉(某物)

  2. instead of sth./doing sth.


  3. do harm to 对……造成

  4. make a difference to


  5. get an email from sb.


  6. be careful about …


  7. thousands of 成千上万的

  8. in ct 事实上

  9. raise money 筹款

  10. help(to) do sth. 帮助做某事

  11. ask sb. to do sth.


  12. both…and…


  13. neither…nor…


  14. care about 关心

  15. as long as possible 尽可能长久 16. change…into… 把……变成

  17. take part in 参加(会议,活动等) 18. be off to 动身去

  19. try one’s best to do sth.


  20. hear of 听说

  21. be good for 对……有好处 22. worry about 为……担心

  23. keep sth. +adj.


  24. travel by plane 乘飞机去旅游 25. look around 四周围看看

  26. in the 1960s 在二十世纪六十年代 27. put up ,挂起

  28. be made up of 组成,构成 29. a number of 许多(谓用复)

  the number of ……的数量(谓用单)


  1. What are you up to?你在干什么?

  2. be similar to 同…..相似

  be the same as 与……相同 3. give sb. a hand 帮助某人

  would like a hand to do


  4. write(a letter) to sb.


  5. in the centre of 在……的中心

  6. by the way 顺便问一下,顺便说

  7. on one’s way to…


  on one’sway back from…


  8. at the moment 在那时,此刻

  9. on the first day 在第一天

  10. at different times of the day


  11. arrive at/in \get to \reach


  12. keep doing sth.


  keep sb. doing sth.


  13. any other country


  14. get back 回来,取回

  15. as soon as 一……就

  16. at once 立刻

  17. I bet you do.你一定行的

  18. in many ways 在许多方面

  19. in the fields在田地里

  20. have a bad temper脾气很坏

  21. take the plane back to…



  1. on the left/right 在左边/右边 2. be/get in trouble 陷入困境

  3. except to do sth. 盼望做某事

  except sb. to do sth.


  4. pick sb up 接某人

  5. even though/if 即使

  6. congratulations to sb. 祝贺某人

  7. get on 发展,进步

  get on (well) with 与…相处(得好)

  8. be in with a chance


  9. be r from 离……远

  10. manage to do sth.


  11. work on 从事

  12. thanks to 由于……,多亏……

  13. agree to do sth. 同意做某事

  14. at the end of this month


  15. in the past 在过去

  16. show sb. around 带领某人参观

  17. walk past 经过,走过

  18. give prizes to…给…发

  19. think of 考虑,想到

  20. You’re kidding!你在开玩笑吧1

  21. You bet.当然了

  22. know…very well对…很熟悉


  1. over there 那边

  2. have a word with 和某人说几句话

  3. win the heart of 赢得……的心

  4. ever since 从……开始

  5. make sb. do sth. 使某人做某事

  6. go over to speak to sb.


  7.be in deep trouble 有烦

  8. make a mess 搞得乱七八糟

  9.return to … 回到

  10. translate…into 把……译成…

  11. more than/over 超过

  12. hold a birthday party


  13. leave one on one’s own/leave one by oneself 把某人单独留下

  14. all the time 一直,总是

  15. be able to do sth. 能/会做某事

  16.against the rule of..


  17.travel to…到…地方去旅游

  18.keep collections of…收藏…

  19.lead a group of monkeys


  20.the late writer 已故的作家


  1.give up doing sth. 放弃做某事 2. a place of interest 旅游胜地

  3. do some cooking 做饭

  4. a bit tired 有点疲劳

  5.want sb. to do 想要某人做某事 6. stay/keep fit保持健康

  7. need to do sth. 需要做某事

  8. take a lot of exercise


  9.do weight training做举重训练 10. bump into 碰到

  11. look like 看起来

  12. be difficult to do sth.


  13. know about 了解

  14. decide to do sth. 决定做某事

  15.hard work 艰苦的工作

  work hard 努力工作

  16. refuse to do sth. 做某事

  17. persuade sb. to do sth.


  18. spend...on…


  spend …(in) doing sth.


  19.agree with sb. 同意某人

  20. in order to do sth. 为了做某事

  21. put on 增加,穿上

  22. had better(not) do sth.



  1.along with 与……一起

  2. thanks to 由于,多亏

  3. add to 向……增加

  4. look up 查找,查阅

  5. come towards sb. 朝某人走过去

  6. come up 发生,出现,举行,进行

  7. present the prizes 颁

  8. be close to 靠近……, 离……近 9. have a better life 过更好的生活

  10. close down 关闭

  11. protect…from…


  12. be free from不受……影响

  13. a great number of 大量的,许多的

  14. because of 由于,因为

  15. at the end of the school term


  16. work hard to do sth.


  17. at the same time 在同一时间 18. move to +地方 搬迁到某地

  19. more and more people 越来越多人

  less and less water 越来越小水 more and more difficult


  20. have the same problems as…


  Module 12

  1.make progress 取得进步

  2. a pair of trousers 一条裤子

  3. fill in 填写

  4. check in 登记入住

  5. the whole class 整个班

  6. give a warm welcome to sb.


  7. fly to 坐飞机去……

  8. do an English course 上英语课

  9. watch sb. do sth. 观看某人做某事 10. at the beginning of


  11. plenty of 相当多的,大量的

  14. by the end of


  15.take place 发生

  16.do some activities with


  17.create friendshps with…



  Module 1

  1.be full of=be filled with


  2.stay with sb和某人呆在一起

  3.because of+短语 因为…

  4.take the boat to sw


  5.have quite a good time


  6.go sightseeing观光

  7.the school leavers’ party


  8.the visit to sw到…参观

  9.the English-speaking theatre


  10.better get back to work


  11.plenty of fun things许多趣事

  12.the key information 关键信息

  13.dream about/of sb/sth/doing sth


  14.set off on/for 出发…

  15.be unable to do不能去干某事

  16.hold sb in one’s arms


  17.push away推开

  18.jump onto the train跳上火车

  19.a cigarette一支香烟

  a pack of cigarette 一包香烟

  20.six pairs of eyes六双眼睛

  21.look out of…向…外看

  22.watch with interest


  23.with a nervous smile


  24. turn to do sth.转身去干某事

  25.the number of… …的数量

  a number of… 许多,大量

  26. say in a strange voice


  speak in a loud voice 用大的声音说

  27.without doing sth. 没有做某事

  28.a long way to go一段很长的要走

  29.have my seat做我的座位

  30.drop …on the floor 把…扔在地上

  Module 2

  1. be great to do sth 做…太棒了

  2. take sb sw 带某人到某地

  3. as big as ours 和我们的一样大

  4. get top grades得高分

  5. pass my exams 通过考试

  6. make a speech 做

  7. have a break 休息

  8. have two more lessons再上两节课

  9. stand for代表

  10. as well as 表并列

  11. instead of 而不是…

  12. be lucky to do… 干…很幸运

  13. a set of…一套…

  14. neither of…两者中任何一者不

  neither …nor…既不…也不

  15. either…or…既不…也不…

  16. last for an hour持续一小时

  17. not so /as…as…不如…

  18. both …and ……和…两者都…

  19. a parents’ meeting 家长会

  Module 3

  1. It’s getting late.天渐渐晚了

  2. do a composition写作文

  3/ the most important difference


  4. be better at sth/doing sth


  5. eat as well as in the past


  6. make life more dangerous

  and less heathy


  7. more relaxed and less nervous


  8. all one’s life 终生,一生

  9. go out to work出去工作

  10. a full-time job一项全职工作

  11. ll off从…跌落

  12. be/get married(to sb)和某人结婚

  marry sb 和某人结婚

  be married for +一段时间


  13. so much traffic 如此多的车辆

  14. heathier than…比…健康

  15. live longer and eat beter


  16. travel long distance长途旅行

  17. change a lot变化很大

  18. married women已婚妇女

  19. ready made food


  20. these days /now如今

  Mdule 4

  1. the school trip to the Great Wall


  2. the shopping center/mall购物中心

  3. turn left/right向左/右拐

  4. on the left/right在左边/右边

  5. what to wear穿什么

  6. school leavers’ party


  7. It’s the right size.号码正好

  8. take look at…看一看…

  9. look diferent看起来不同

  10. go for追求

  11. catch one’s attention


  12. spend money on clothes


  13. have one’s personnal look


  14. designer clothes品牌服装

  15. well-known companies知名公司

  16. care about the way they look


  17. the running shoes 跑鞋

  18. make a lot of money赚许多钱

  19. show off one’s personality


  20. the girl with long hair


  Module 5

  1. listen up!听好了

  2. a few rules and suggestions


  3. keep to the path沿着走

  4. keep together呆在一起

  5. go off on your own独自离去

  6. get lost 迷

  7. have something to eat吃点东西

  8. stop at noon for 0ur picnic


  9. go rock climbing去攀岩

  10. think about personal safety


  11. have the right shoes


  12. go down the this path


  13. cross the stream穿过河流

  14. climb up to the top of the mountain


  15. lead the way领

  16. need a rest需要休息一会

  17. watch out /be careful

  /take care小心

  18. ll asleep /go to sleep入睡

  19. in the middle of the night在半夜

  20. There was nothing to see.


  21. later that day


  22. from a distanc从远处

  23. tidy the site up 整理场所

  24. make some gesture做手势

  25. at midday在中午

  26. reach out伸出手去

  27. stand very still站着不动

  28. turn one’s head回头

  29. run past me从我身边跑过

  30. turn round转身

  31. my blood went cold


  Module 6

  1. My legs are ache.我的腿疼

  2. catch up in a few minutes


  3. Who’s missing?


  4. What has happened to them?


  5. wait a minute.等一会

  6. have an accident出事故

  7. run along the walll


  8. ll over摔倒

  9. my leg hurts.我的腿疼

  10. break my leg摔断腿

  11. call for help on my mobile


  12. get /take sb to hospital


  13. have got a wound in his leg


  14. get /have a fever 发烧

  15. nothing serious 没什么严重的

  16. expect to do sth 期望做某事

  17. run across the road 穿过公

  18. stay /keep safe保持安全

  19. Don’t be a couch potato.


  20. make life less fun


  21. watch your diet 注意饮食习惯

  22. plenty of +可数 /不可数名词

  23. now and then /at times

  /from time to time /somes时而

  24. put on weight增重

  25. lose weight减肥

  26. eight hours’ sleep 8小时睡眠

  27. say no to…对…说不

  say yes to…对…说是

  28. the effect on…


  29. by the back door在后门旁边

  30. dance to the music随着音乐跳舞

  Module 7

  1. prepare a tradional dish


  2. heat up加热

  3. be invited to被邀请到…

  4. I see what you mean.


  5. in the west在

  6. at the start of a meal


  7. be used for用于…

  8. finish doing完成做某事

  9. do as they do向他们那样去做

  10. serve us a delicious lunch


  11. be ordered to close被关门

  12. dress up 打扮

  Module 8

  1. be pleased to do 高兴做某事

  2. play the role of…扮演…的角色

  3. take one’s life 要了某人的命

  4. at the back在后面

  5. have plenty of chances to do


  6. the subject of……的主题

  7. book tickets预定票

  8. be well-known for 以…而出名

  9. a huge number of… 大量的…

  10. do with处置

  11. start up…with… 以…开始

  s tart up启动

  end up…with…以…结束

  12. agree to do sth同意做某事

  13. suggest doing做某事

  14. be impressed with..


  15. disagree with不同意…

  16. in the open air在露天地里

  Module 9

  1. make progress取得进步

  2. be proud of…以…为骄傲

  3. be best at..最擅长…

  4. however easy it is


  5. an English corner英语角

  6. continue to do sth


  7. no matter..无论…

  8. have difficulties with…


  9. replace ..as..代替…成为…

  replace…with /by…用…来代替

  in place of =instead of 代替

  10. be lack of…缺乏…

  11. be used as…作为…而被使用

  12. be used by…被…使用

  13. a quarter of the population


  14. the importance of …


  15. belong to…属于…

  16. one third of…三分之一的…

  17. as if仿佛

  Module 10

  1. Here’s to sb/sth为…干杯

  2. intend to do sth打算做某事

  3. have got a great beat


  4. fetch something to eat


  5. get in touch with sb


  6. be out of touch with sb

  =lose touch with sb


  7. pay sb back sth


  pay sb backfor sth


  8. have fun doing sh做…愉快

  9. stay in touch保持联系

  10. owe…to…把…归功于…

  11. be strict with对…严格

  12. from the bottom of the heart


  13. wish you success in the future


  14. the happy times快乐时光

  15. role model楷模

  16. graduate from…从…毕业

  a graduate of……的一名毕业生

  17. I beg your pardon.


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